Not only does a white fur trim on the big red suit look absolutely stunning, it could also be the finishing touch to your wedding outfit.Fur is everywhere this winter – just the fake version of course. And after the Duchess of Cambridge showed us how to wear a bridal bolero, who are we to resist.Give the bridesmaids a coordinating jacket and your entire wedding party will look like they’ve just stepped out of the festive edition of Vogue. In your photos, nothing is going to look better than a cute little flower girl with her own fluffy hand muff to match.You don’t even have to stop at the white fur. What about injecting a splash of that bright red spirit into the occasions too. A touch of kirsch in the bubbly will get everyone in the mood, or a bright red bouquet is all the rage right now.

First BTQ

First Boutique is proud to offer a VIP Local Delivery Service for clients who want a highly personalised try-at-home experience. Products are delivered straight to your doorstep and you can try on everything our personal stylists have hand-selected for you in few sizes available to find the one that fits perfectly. Payment for your order can be arranged on spot through credit/debit card or by cash.

Please note that our VIP Local Delivery Service offers you the chance to choose a timed delivery date that suits your schedule and is FREE of charge for all the cities all over Cyprus.

Mahis Fashion

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